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Service d’entretien commercial et d’hôtellerie.

Quality Insurance Program

Detailed and customized quality assurance programmes are implemented through a thorough supervision of all your facilities and periodic services. The regional manager will write quality inspection reports for your building.

The regional managers as well as the on-site supervisors will be at your service 24/7, 365 days a year and will meet with you as often as necessary so as to guarantee your entire satisfaction.

We will also work in close collaboration with our providers who will not hesitate to come on-site in order to assess how adequate is the product used compared to another one, so as to obtain optimal efficiency and an adequate solution.

Insurances and other coverage


Service d’Entretien Président’s insurance has a coverage of up to 5 000 000 $ (FIVE MILLIONS) dollars, including public liability and property damage.

Our insurance covers you against our employees’ dishonesty for any liability resulting from damages they may have made or caused, for up to 25 000 $.


Service d’Entretien Président and all its employees are covered by the C.S.S.T.

The Quebec Parity Committee for the Maintenance of Public Buildings

Service d’Entretien Président is officially registered with the Quebec parity committee for the maintenance of public buildings and sends its monthly reports as required by law.

The Quebec parity committee for the maintenance of public buildings, Montreal area ( is your best reference to guide you on which company to choose for your housekeeping needs.

Bank on safety by granting your contract to a company who wears its transparency on its sleeves and respects the bylaw requirements on housekeeping personnel for public buildings.

A company that meets the bylaw’s provisions guarantees your labour stability, quality work and safety in your facilities.