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Service d’entretien commercial et d’hôtellerie.

A Professional and Qualified Service

27th Anniversary (1997 – 2024)

Service d’Entretien Président has been in operation since 1997 and, ever since, has been gaining ground in the commercial cleaning industry. We can be found among the leading industries in our field and have gained respect from the industrial sector of the Greater Montreal area.

Our level of competence along with the range of our professional activities, from commercial janitorial cleaning to commercial hotel janitorial services has opened us the membership to the prestigious Building Services Contractors Association International (B.S.C.A.I.).

Our teams can drive our company vehicles and access our facilities 24/7 as well as the equipment required for the maintenance work.

Our vision

Service d’Entretien Président offers you the services of highly professional, competent and efficient personnel, who are completely covered. We do consider the experience and training of our human resources as vital. So to reach a high level of performance, we have focused on:

  • A clearly defined and rigorous recruitment process to select only the best candidates.
  • An on-site orientation, mentoring and training program whereby each new employee is mentored in order to acclimate to our corporate culture.

Our company and personnel have always been committed to the search for higher quality.

Over the years, our company has built a reputation of excellence thanks to, our personnel’s competence, our quality of service and innovative spirit.